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Friday Cat Blogging

Froggie in Isolation

Friday Cat Blogging

Hello …?

[Editor: Froggie is the only cat out about. There is another front due through so everyone is preparing for the chill to come.]

Friday Ark


1 Steve Bates { 12.06.13 at 10:06 pm }

Believe me, Bryan, the cold front is real. It’s only 38°F here right now (about 10PM CST), but I would not be surprised at a freeze tonight. Wrap anything you care about…

2 Bryan { 12.06.13 at 10:46 pm }

Yeah, I’ve been watching it creep across from the West.

We were at 73° at 10PM, and the weather site says 58° will be the high tomorrow, but we still haven’t seen the rain, so it won’t really drop until the clouds clear out.

3 Badtux { 12.07.13 at 1:42 pm }

High today is predicted to be 49F here in Santa Clara :( . It was 55F inside my place when I turned the heat on this morning (I use the electric blanket at night and turn the heat down to a point where it’s only enough to keep us from freezing).

The cats are currently ensconced in the bathroom, where one is in the sink bowl (that the furnace vent blows up on) while the other is getting a blow-dry from the air blowing out from under the sink cabinet. They swap positions from time to time so I don’t know which one is where, but I know where they are, because that’s where they always are when the hot air is blowing from the furnace.

This is a day for soup and crackers… alas, I need to get some work done on the Jeep, it has an electrical issue (caused by me, alas) that I need to resolve.

4 Bryan { 12.07.13 at 4:17 pm }

It has always amazed me how emergency repairs always require that you be inside on beautiful days, and outside when it decides to sleet – swapping the ignition system on a VW Beetle during a thunderstorm and replacing the head on a Chevy during a blizzard are ‘fond’ memories … :twisted:

Yeah, my inside pair are actually sleeping together, which only happens when it’s cold.

5 Badtux { 12.08.13 at 1:25 am }

Well, at least it did not sleet, but it was cold and windy today. Wind chill was in the mid 30′s. Not common weather for this time of year in Santa Clara. I did get most of what I was trying to do done though, but still have plenty tomorrow, which is supposed to be even colder. But at least dry.

6 Bryan { 12.08.13 at 1:35 pm }

It always seems like cars develop new sharp bits to eat chunks out of your hands when the thermometer drops, and nothing you want to do can be done wearing gloves.

7 Badtux { 12.09.13 at 7:51 pm }

Now I need to change the oil in the buggy. Oh joy. Even with the creeper, changing the oil in the cold is a PITA :( .

8 Bryan { 12.09.13 at 8:28 pm }

Yeah, even if you warm the engine a bit and keep everything else inside until you need it. In addition to the oil moving slowly, the engine, plug, and filter contract and expand at different rates making any ‘remove and replace’ operation a problem.