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Yesterday we tied the high record for the date, 77° F, then late last night/early this morning the wind shifted and the temperature dropped 30°. It was cold on Friday, record tying warmth on Saturday, and cold on Sunday.

We now have a bipolar climate on the Gulf Coast that can’t decide what it’s going to do.


1 Rook { 12.15.13 at 9:42 pm }

30 degree change in temperature in less than 24 hours? Hell, that’s a daily occurrence in Minnesota!

2 Bryan { 12.15.13 at 10:29 pm }

The change occurs in an hour, as it is accomplished by a change in wind direction, so it is something that can happen when you are out in the middle of the Bay on a boat wearing shorts and a T-Shirt. Besides, going from really cold to extremely cold doesn’t count.

My allergies don’t seem nearly as bad after reading what you are going through. If there is any justice, things will get better soon, and will never get that bad again.