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Friday Cat Blogging

How Cold Is It?

Friday Cat Blogging

We can move to Billings?

[Editor: This morning it was warmer in Billings, Montana than in Cinco Bayou. Excise and Property are too cold to even squabble.]

Friday Ark


1 Badtux { 01.03.14 at 9:18 pm }

I guess the FBI is going to have to open a branch office in Cinco Bayou since their previous strategy of sending miscreant agents to the Billings branch office is no longer operative :). The Cinco Bayou branch office will, of course, have broken air conditioning and heating…

– Badtux the Head-shakin’ Penguin

2 Bryan { 01.03.14 at 11:01 pm }

The winter jet stream has dropped to the South of where it normally was, and these cold fronts are dropping down to the Gulf more frequently than ever.

Still, I’m better off than my brother in upstate New York who has single digit temperatures with below zero wind chills and snow that needs to be relocated. Fortunately he lives away from Lake Ontario or he would have more than a foot of snow to move, instead of 6 to 8 inches.

The temperature map was really weird last night, the entire state of Montana was about 5 degrees warmer than its neighbors in every direction.

3 hipparchia { 01.04.14 at 10:59 am }

now that the wind has died down a bit, I may just mush on over to the hotel booze for a bearburger.

4 Bryan { 01.04.14 at 1:18 pm }

I was considering taking a bottle of booze and hibernating with a bear.

Lilian lives on in her books.

5 oldwhitelady { 01.05.14 at 6:49 pm }

Awwwww! So sweet. They look like they’re trying to keep warm. You must keep the temperature too low for them. Of course, they have those nice fur coats:).

6 Bryan { 01.05.14 at 11:20 pm }

The heat is set for 75°, but the heat has been on continuously for days and hasn’t reached that point. They are cluster right in front of the heater.