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A Lack Of Trust

It took a few stories before I realized it was April 1st and much of what I was reading was probably bogus. Much of the output was obviously at joke because the pride in a good ‘goof’ has disappeared. There certainly hasn’t been an attempt to approach the quality of the BBC Panorama Spaghetti Harvest program.

It is a sad commentary that we can’t even create a decent prank anymore. I realize that our media and political organizations are huge jokes, but they don’t know it, so they can’t be counted as pranks.


1 Shirt { 04.02.14 at 10:19 am }
2 Badtux { 04.02.14 at 7:30 pm }

I liked the BBC penguin migration one, but it’s a few years old now :).

3 Bryan { 04.02.14 at 10:39 pm }

Yes, Shirt, JJ does do some class snark.

Badtux, the UK is kicking our butts on professional quality snark. We need to invest more in the ‘Snark War’ program.

4 Kryten42 { 04.03.14 at 4:03 am }

We still have some great snark here! Though not as much as we used to sadly…

You do have TDS though. 😉 Jon is pretty good! 😀

Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell

He’s being called the Aussie Jon Stewart! 😆 But they are quite a different format in many ways. 🙂

Example summary of a recent episode:

“Like Ukrainian protestors at the hands of a Russian mob, news events get a thorough going over. The perfidy, priggishness and policy to be pilloried include the ABC, Qantas debt guarantee and welcome speeches in WA.”


5 Bryan { 04.03.14 at 11:09 pm }

Stewart and Colbert are on a cable channel, not a broadcast network. That kind of snark used to be broadcast on the big three networks available over the air with an antenna, not limited to cable subscribers.

Even the Canadians have more satire on the CBC, than US networks.

Yes, OZ still has political satire for the masses, which is a very good thing.