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It is ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand, which is similar to the American Veterans Day, in that it began as a remembrance of World War I, and has become more generalized over the years.

“Anzac Day commemorates the involvement of Australian and New Zealand troops in a World War I campaign on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.”

The Gallipoli Campaign began as a Winston Churchill [then First Lord of the Admiralty] plan that spun out of control and got a lot of people killed on both sides with nothing much changing, but then, that was quite common in World War I.

Peter Weir made a movie, Gallipoli, which, if nothing else, proves that Sergeant Alvin York, and T.E. Lawrence weren’t the only people who fought in World War I.


1 Kryten42 { 04.25.14 at 11:16 am }

I paid my respects, as always. A surprising number of children were at the memorial, and were generally quite respectful. Even they can sense the importance. Perhaps more so than many adults.

For me, it is isn’t simply a day of remembrance, it’s a day of memories. After the ceremony, I remained staring at the shrine, just remembering, thinking… and a man in his late 80’s put his hand gently on my arm, I turned to look at him, somewhat annoyed at being disturbed. I noticed several campaign ribbons & medals and his very proud bearing, and bright piercing eyes, and mellowed. 🙂 He asked where I’d served, I was strictly in civies, and know I don’t look much like a vet. 🙂 I smiled and told him, and we chatted for awhile about our experiences. He nodded looked pointedly at my chest bereft of any decorations, except a poppy, and said “I understand. One day, you will wear them again.” I was about to reply “Over my dead body!” But he had that piercing gaze, so I kept silent and just smiled. He nodded at me & smiled. Said “It took 40 years before I dug mine out again.” He winked, squeezed my arm, then snapped a salute! I returned the salute, the first time in more than a couple decades. Then he smiled again, turned and slowly walked away as I watched his back retreat, I felt good. After all this time, I’d finally met someone who truly did understand, and he was a stranger, though I haven’t felt so close to anyone in many years.

I will sleep well tonight. For the first time in a while. 🙂

Some of the individuals are OK! 😉 😀

2 Bryan { 04.25.14 at 9:11 pm }

You can’t really talk or think about it until you are personally ready, and then you have to start with someone who has been ‘there’.

You have to remember so that others won’t forget and decide to do something stupid. There’s a long way to go, but but the number willing to oppose the madness grows..