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L’shanah Tovah

Happy 5776!

At sunset Rosh Hashanah began, so get your honey, challah, and apples ready.

September 13, 2015   Comments Off on L’shanah Tovah

What A Shame

Alas the contagion of Pernicious Religious Scofflaws has spread to our neighbors to the North.

The CBC reports on a case in Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

Jesse Rau, the Christian bus driver who said he would quit his job with Calgary Transit if forced to drive the city’s rainbow-coloured pride bus because of his religious beliefs, has been fired.

Mr. Rau was still on probation and not yet a permanent employee. Calgary Transit has not forced anyone to drive the “Pride Bus”, and had informed Mr. Rau that he wouldn’t be forced to drive the bus. Mr. Rau apparently felt that creating an image of himself as a martyr was more important than the truth. Calgary Transit had no intention of aiding his ambition and told him to go away.

September 13, 2015   3 Comments