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Trouble In Turkey

Turkey enters mourning after Ankara blasts killed almost 100:

Turkey is beginning three days of mourning after two blasts at a peace rally in the capital Ankara killed at least 95 people on Saturday, the deadliest ever such attack in Turkey.

The attack left 245 people injured, with 48 of them in a serious condition.

TV footage showed scenes of panic and people lying on the ground covered in blood, amid protest banners.

The government called the blasts a “terrorist act” and angrily rejected allegations that it was to blame.

People were demonstrating against the ongoing violence between the PKK [Kurdish separatists] and Turkish forces. The bombs could have been detonated by groups associated with the PKK, or the Turkish government, or ISIS, or some other homicidal group of whackoes looking for some media coverage.

October 10, 2015   2 Comments

In Router News

Netgear router exploit has been detected. The patch will be out next Wednesday for the firmware. The exploit allows external access to the router to change the DNS settings among other things.

The first thing I did when I bought my new wireless router was to upgrade the firmware. I have yet to buy anything that has the current version of the firmware installed. I have serious doubts as to the number of users who are even aware that devices like routers and printers have firmware and/or device drivers that may need upgrades.

October 10, 2015   9 Comments