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You Don’t Have To Be A Moron …

To live in Florida, but we get more than our share.

The BBC notes Florida woman charged after streaming drink driving:

Viewers of Periscope, Twitter’s live-video streaming app, alerted police to a woman who appeared intoxicated and was streaming a video of herself driving around Lakeland, Florida.

Police eventually found Whitney Beall, 23, and charged her with driving under the influence.

“I am…drunk,” she said at one point in the video, swearing.

Periscope users sent her messages on Saturday night imploring her to stop driving before she hurt someone.

No-one was hurt in the incident, police said.

Ms Beall said on the video that she had a flat tyre and did not know where she was. Periscope viewers helped police pinpoint Ms Beall’s location after they spotted local landmarks in the background.

Her attorney entered a Not Guilty plea at arraignment. The plea indicates that the attorney is hoping for a deal in the sentencing, because the entire Periscope stream is admissible, as is the field sobriety test captured by the patrol car’s dash cam. She should have agreed to the Breathalyzer if she wanted to drive again…

October 13, 2015   3 Comments