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Debates & Undebatable

The Democratic candidates made CNN cry by not acting like four-year-olds with a sugar high. Hillary noted that Bernie Sanders didn’t approve of every gun control legislation that was proposed in the Senate. Bernie said that everyone is tired of hearing about the “damn e-mails”.

The candidates talked about issues and what they wanted to do. I heard a GOP pundit complaining about ‘all the Democrats talked about was what the government was going to do for people’. It sounded like the GOP isn’t in favor of “promoting the General Welfare”.

What is not debatable is that I don’t want to install Windows 10 at the moment, but Micro$oft really wants me to. Today I went through the monthly patching of the operating system, and they attempted to sneak it by me. If I let them decide what to install I would have downloaded a couple of Gigs of Win10 (sic) because they selected to download and install it rather than the patches for Win7.

Via skippy, The Tech Republic covers The Windows 10 privacy debacle: Five big issues to consider. The short version is that the defaults are not good for your privacy.

October 14, 2015   16 Comments