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Finishing Up

The Canadian election will be ending on Monday, the 19th, after more than 2½ months of campaigning, the longest since the 19th century. They had the time for 3 English and 2 French debates and to print and put out all of the necessary signs.

At the start of the campaign the three leading parties (Conservatives, National Democrats, Liberals) were all polling at 30% each. The latest poll shows the Liberals at 34%, the Cons at 32%, and the NDP slipping to 23%. This indicates another coalition government being formed.

The betting favorite is a Liberal/NDP coalition, but it’s safer just to wait until the votes are actually counted.

In the US system, a couple could marry and be waiting for the birth of their second child before the voting takes place.

October 16, 2015   Comments Off on Finishing Up