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Canada Votes – 2015

Canada VotesI will honor the Canadian practice of delaying reporting until the polls close. The numbers in italics are the projected seats based on pre-election polling. The numbers in bold will be the actual results When released.

The BBC has live coverage, the CBC has a live scoreboard of results.

Indications are that there has been a large turn out with long lines all over the country.

Official results:

Liberal party of Canada Liberals :
146 184

Conservative party of Canada Conservatives :
118 99

New Democratic party of Canada New Democratic Party :
66 44

Bloc Québécois party of Canada Bloc Québécois :
7 10

Green party of Canada Greens :
1 1

A majority in this Parliament requires 170 seats out of a total of 338, and the Liberals have won a majority.

October 19, 2015   2 Comments