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Yes, He Is That Evil

The BBC covers his latest nastiness – Netanyahu Holocaust remarks: Israeli PM criticised

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been criticised for saying a Palestinian leader persuaded the Nazis to carry out the Holocaust.

Mr Netanyahu insisted Adolf Hitler had only wanted to expel Jews from Europe, but that Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini told him: “Burn them.”

However, the chief historian at Israel’s memorial to the Holocaust said this account was factually incorrect.

Israel’s opposition leader called it “a dangerous historical distortion”.

A senior Palestinian official meanwhile said it showed Mr Netanyahu hated Palestinians so much he was willing to absolve Hitler.

Netanyahu has used Ahmadinejad’s mistaken statements about the Holocaust to advocate bombing Iran. He is casting Palestinians as demons so others won’t condemn him when he continues the ethnic cleansing he has been engaged in since becoming Prime Minister.