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Just Pathetic

If they were attempting to demonstrate that the special committee on Benghazi wasn’t a political hatchet job, the Republicans really should have gotten a stop watch for Trey Gowdy, or at least turned off the timer that was supposed to be used to provide members of the committee equal time for questions. When someone complains that a member is over their time limit by 4 minutes, and the chairman’s solution is to give the time-hog another minute and let him go over that limit, while cutting off the other side at the first ding – that is politics.

This is the eighth investigation of Benghazi. There were only two investigations of 9/11. Instead of wasting money on this silliness, they should spend it on more secure diplomatic facilities overseas.

The only reason for dragging this out is politics. Not only is there no smoking gun, they can’t even find an ashtray…


1 shirt { 10.23.15 at 12:01 am }

Yes, but who did you sleep with on the night of the attack? If it was Hadley you’re covered.

2 Steve Bates { 10.23.15 at 1:11 am }

They were so needlessly rude, and so insistent on doubling down on every falsehood, that I told ’em their mothers would make them wash their mouths out with soap.

Q: When you wash a Republican’s mouth out with soap, what kind should you use?
A: Lye soap, of course!

As you know, I am not (yet) a supporter of Hillary, but I watched portions of the loooong hearing, and I thought she did right well at stuffing their crap back down their throats. I doubt seriously this whole episode will prove to be of any advantage to the ‘R’ presidential candidates. Voters may be naive sometimes, but they are not that stupid.

3 Bryan { 10.23.15 at 11:08 am }

Shirt, that question made a lot more sense than most of what I heard while changing channels looking for something to run in the background.

Steve, neither one of us is a fan of Hillary. I have never voted for her, and think she is too hawkish to suit me. That said, listening to people ask her what emails mean that have her as a copy addressee, when she doesn’t actually know the people involved in the exchange. I used to send messages and copy the White House, but I certainly didn’t expect anyone except a clerk to read them, and then only to file.

This went on all day. The talking heads didn’t get any clips to use to justify covering the charade.

Where are the Repub Congresscritters who cut the funding for diplomatic security? Why aren’t they being questioned?