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The Joy of Plumbing

Today was dedicated to replacing a shut-off valve to an apartment. The thrill is that the 60-year-old galvanized pipe and connections tend to be a bit fragile. Too much torque and pipes snap, usually in very inconvenient locations, like in a concrete slab.

I don’t deal with those operations any more as I tend to use too much force as I get older, i.e. I have over compensated by increasing the amount of leverage to excess. I let the professionals break the pipes – they have a truck full of them so it takes them less time.

November 3, 2015   13 Comments

Hail Mary?

The CBC thought that TransCanada’s Keystone XL delay plan was a good move, as Obama doesn’t seem to be enamored of the plan. Now the BBC reports that that Obama will decide on Keystone pipeline during his term.

Reality check – every Democratic candidate has said NO, and exactly who believes that anyone in the Klown Kar of Kaos can become President?

November 3, 2015   Comments Off on Hail Mary?