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We Don’t Need Enemies

With ‘friends’ like this…

Ran Baratz: Israel ‘to review’ appointment over Facebook row

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu will “review” the appointment of his new communications director over comments he made criticising US President Barack Obama and others, the US says.

On Facebook, Ran Baratz accused Mr Obama of anti-Semitism and described US Secretary of State John Kerry as having a “mental age” of no more than 12.

Mr Netanyahu has described the comments as totally unacceptable.

He is due to visit the White House next week for a US-Israeli summit.

I’m still waiting for someone to explain why the US puts up with this. The Likudniks keep insulting the government of the United States and still expect to receive US aid.

November 6, 2015   5 Comments

Pining For The Fjords

The BBC said US rejects Keystone XL pipeline from Canada, although it was technically Obama doing the rejecting.

The CBC reports on reaction in stories like: (Alberta Premier Rachel) Notley disappointed Obama called Alberta oil ‘dirty’ while rejecting Keystone pipeline.

The CBC’s senior correspondent, Neil Macdonald, is a bit more realistic: The dead parrot that was the Keystone XL pipeline and why Obama killed it.

From the beginning this was about making money for a Canadian company by selling the refined products from Alberta tar sands to Asia. The US would be taking the risks by transporting this toxic sludge through pipes across major water sheds and refining it to load on to ships for the trip to Asia. There would be a minimal increase in permanent jobs and no affect on US oil prices. The US takes the risks and Canada takes the money?

November 6, 2015   Comments Off on Pining For The Fjords