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The Media Has A Lot Of Nerve

Verifying claims made in Ben Carson’s biography 😈

Apparently in Ben’s world employers should never check the resumes of job applicants. If you run for office, especially an office that requires access to classified material, your life is going to be examined under a microscope.

Just as a point of clarity for people: there is no such thing as a scholarship to a US military academy. The majority students accepted apply to their Congresscritter for an appointment. If appointed, you agree to a period of military service in exchange for the education. You are in the military and receive pay while at the academy.


1 Badtux { 11.08.15 at 10:25 pm }

At this point if Ben Carson said he was black, I’d have to check twice that he wasn’t doing a Rachel Dolezal. The man seems incapable of telling the truth about his background. For a man whose claim to fame is that he isn’t a lying politician, he sure seems to have the first part of that identification down pat.

– Badtux the “A Pox on Lying Liars” Penguin

2 Bryan { 11.08.15 at 11:33 pm }

Nobody would care if he didn’t compound the problem by complaining about being asked and then continuing to claim that the book wasn’t in error. The longer he complains, the longer it remains a story.

Like most doctors, he isn’t used to being questioned, and gets very annoyed when it happens.