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It Was A Business Decision

Atrios was correct in the reaction to the situation in Missouri. Protests and hunger strikes were going nowhere, but a strike by the football team got action: President Tim Wolfe resigned, and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin will be leaving in January.

What Trump and the other politicians obviously don’t understand is that Wolfe was a CEO appointed to run the University of Missouri system “like a business”. He had been cutting costs by transferring them to the faculty, staff, and students while “investing in a profit center” by building a new sports facility at a cost of approximately $78 million.

Like most CEOs, he ignored his customers [students], and his employees [faculty and staff], but he couldn’t ignore his main profit center – an NCAA Division I football team in the Southeastern Conference. If that team didn’t play a scheduled game the University lost a million dollars.

Trump is arrogant enough that he probably wouldn’t have resigned and would have had to be fired after costing the University a few million dollars.

November 12, 2015   Comments Off on It Was A Business Decision