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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

After a Belgian official made the statement that the terrorists who attacked Paris were communicating with Sony Playstations, every media outlet reported it and Sony started issuing statements about its willingness to cooperate with officials in the investigations of PS4 users.

Cue Emily Litella. The official had apparently seen the evidence inventory of another raid, not any of the raids associated with the terrorist attack on Paris.

All of the claims about how ISIS communicates are flat out guesses, not based on actual intel. If they are using ‘Net communications, which isn’t certain, there are any number of free, open source applications that can be used, and that would be more difficult to intercept and decrypt than any of the popular programs. I’m not claiming that the less popular programs are better than the big name programs, only that fewer people are attempting to break them, so there are fewer tools available for the effort.

The intel/security people are using the Paris incident to lobby for larger budgets and more power.

November 17, 2015   10 Comments