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Radical Pro-Life Terrorists

The assault on a Planned Parenthood facility

A gunman burst into a Planned Parenthood clinic and opened fire, launching several gunbattles and an hours-long standoff with police as patients and staff took cover under furniture and inside locked rooms.

By the time the shooter surrendered, three people were killed — including a police officer — and nine others were wounded, authorities said.

Colorado Springs police on Saturday identified the gunman as Robert Lewis Dear, 57, of North Carolina.

He drives over 1400 miles from western North Carolina to Colorado Springs to shoot up a Planned Parenthood clinic because he was lied to by a heavily edited video created by people who believe they have the right to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them. They look at the death of people who aren’t involved with their targets as ‘collateral damage’. For these people the ends justify the means, including arson, acid attacks, bombs, murder.

November 28, 2015   8 Comments