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Putin’s latest ploy is to claim the Turks were protecting oil contracts with ISIS when they shot down the Su-24. Erdogan of Turkey said he would resign if Putin could provide evidence of a any deal between ISIS and Turkey. If Putin couldn’t provide it, Erdogan said he should resign.

The Russians have been criticized since beginning their air campaign for almost never attacking ISIS, and the aircraft that was shot down was bombing Turkmen villages. The Turks and Turkmen are both Turkic peoples, ethnic cousins. That sort of makes it somewhat illogical for Turkey to derive any benefit even if Turkey did have an agreement with ISIS.

The Turks get very annoyed when people violate their airspace, even NATO allies. This was at least the second time that Russia had entered Turkish airspace without permission and was during a mission attacking Turkmen villages in northern Syria.

Another politician attempting to deflect blame, was the Likud Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, asking his Superintendent of Police to resign and pretending that this was going to ‘fix’ the Chicago Police Department’s more that a century of misconduct.

December 1, 2015   5 Comments