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Again :(

Another mass shooting. About 14 people gunned down at a holiday party for the developmentally disabled at the regional center in San Bernardina, California. Approximately 17 people wounded. Two suspects have been fatally shot in a confrontation with police. There is the possibility of explosives being left at the site of the shooting and/or residences of the suspects.

You have over a dozen people murdered, the majority probably developmentally disabled, and the FBI is reluctant to declare this an act of terrorism? I don’t care what the ethnicity, religion, or political affiliation of the suspects is, this was an act of terrorism.

December 2, 2015   6 Comments

Hurricane Season Recap

The Official NOAA summery: Below-normal Atlantic hurricane season ends; active eastern and central Pacific seasons shatter records and Doctor Masters’s Top Ten 2015 Atlantic Hurricane Season Events which is somewhat more in depth and tells us that there were 11 named storms, 4 hurricanes, and 2 intense Category 3 or stronger hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin.

The El Niño kept the wind shear high in the Caribbean, but Tropical Storm Erika was devastating to Dominica, and Hurricane Joaquin nearly made it to Category Five.

It has been a decade since a hurricane has come ashore in Florida.

December 2, 2015   Comments Off on Hurricane Season Recap