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Don’t believe everything you read: San Bernardino attackers ‘did not post about jihad on social media’

The San Bernardino attackers did not post support for jihad on open social media, contrary to previous reports, the FBI has said.

Instead they expressed support for martyrdom using “private direct messages”, said FBI boss James Comey.

US security officials were criticised for not checking Tashfeen Malik’s social media before admitting her to the US in 2014.

Apparently the reports are based on private, not public, messages found on their computer.

While ISIS took credit for the shooting, the couple had no actual connection to the organization.


Canada is not happy – Oil drops almost 5% as supplies unexpectedly grow: “Crude for January delivery closed down $1.83, or 4.9 per cent, to $35.52 US a barrel.” Just to make things wonderful, “The loonie lost a quarter of a cent to close at 72.54 cents US. That’s its lowest level since May 2004.” [The ‘loonie’ is the Canadian dollar, so called because it features a loon on the coin.]

When the US Fed raised the prime rate ¼%, things got even more painful.
The snowbirds can’t afford to take vacations on the Gulf Coast, so we are going to share in the pain. 🙁

December 16, 2015   2 Comments