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From the BBC – Virginia schools shut in Islam calligraphy row:

A school district in the US state of Virginia has closed all schools on Friday after a geography lesson that included Islam sparked vociferous complaints from around the country.

Students were asked to trace Arabic calligraphy in an exercise some parents said amounted to indoctrination.

Officials said the schools were closed out of an “abundance of caution” and there were no specific safety threats.

Tracing a graphic of a foreign language as part of the study of an area of the world that is very much in the news, is the same as forcing students to attend a madrassa according to some of the parents in Virginia.

It would appear that the reaction of the parents was considered so hostile, that school and law enforcement felt it would be prudent to close schools and let people calm down.

A quarter of the people in the world are Muslims, so they aren’t going away any time soon. Maybe if more Americans spent some time learning about Islam, as Thomas Jefferson did, they wouldn’t be diving into ditches when they saw a woman wearing a headscarf.

December 18, 2015   11 Comments