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And This Makes Sense Because …

The power grabs affecting the rights of ordinary people by Counter-Terrorism, Inc. are really pissing me off.

In Europe they are beating the drum for backdoors for all encryption software because … there is no evidence that the terrorists that attacked Paris used any encryption software.

In the US there are calls for in-depth searches of social media because it was mistakenly reported that one of the people involved in the San Bernardino attack had posted that she supported ISIS on social media.

Social media is now doing the ‘responsible thing’ and removing anything that might be construed as ‘terrorist-related’. This of course eliminates possible leads, but it makes searches of social media irrelevant.

The biggest annoyance is that the people beating the drums the loudest have no idea what they are asking for or why. All they know is that they have heard that it might be terrorist related.

December 20, 2015   3 Comments