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Real Life

So I finished June by editing and formatting input for a long time client. The data cost an absurd amount of money and it was really garbage.

I barely got that shipped when a tenant had major plumbing problems. I managed to locate a problem with the drain for the central air conditioning and can report that not everyone can repair everything with duct tape. Then it was installing a new wax seal on the toilet, as should have been done when the toilet was removed to install different flooring in the bathroom. The real problem required cutting a series of holes in the wall to find a leaking hot water pipe.

As a result of those annoyances I lacked the time to create a post for the start of Le Tour de France, which ran 188 kilometers from Mont Saint Michel to Utah Beach Sainte Marie du Mont. Mont Saint Michel is the mountain and fortress just off the coast that is reached by a causeway and Utah Beach was one of the D-Day landing sites in World War II. I will catch up, but it will take a couple of days create the necessary spreadsheets.

July 2, 2016   2 Comments