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In A Lighter Vein

The BBC reports that the Bahamas has issued a US travel advisory over racial tensions. Apparently the Bahamian government is having “the talk”, the one that Black parents give their sons, about interacting with the police.

Mustang Bobby looks at reports that ‘The Donald’ will select Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana as his running mate. Booman thinks it makes no sense, I agree that it makes no sense… so it is obviously what Drumpf will do.

Looking at all of the current wellness trends based on the habits of our ancestors The Guardian thinks we should live authentically like our ancestors until we die like our ancestors at 37.

July 11, 2016   8 Comments

In Other News

Badtux is a bit annoyed at the quality of the media reporting surrounding the Dallas shooting. Just today the Dallas Police Chief had to correct the reporting on the 14 casualties, excluding the shooter. The five dead and 9 wounded were all police officers. There were no civilian casualties.

The Guardian discusses the use of a drone by the Dallas Police to bomb the shooter. There is no justification. The shooter was contained; he had no targets, no supply lines. Lay siege, play disco, bubblegum, Gilbert & Sullivan and wait him out. Odds are he would have committed suicide.

It may have been a land-based remote-controlled vehicle instead of air-borne and a block of C4 instead of a Hellfire missile, but the technique is the same. I don’t understand the claimed justification for the act. Who was in imminent danger from the use of deadly physical force by the shooter?

The police seem to have all of the military crap but can’t get their hands on a decent deer rifle and someone who can use it.

July 11, 2016   Comments Off on In Other News