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Do They Want To Die?

On July the 7th I noted that as a result of the efforts of several people we had a 30-year-old piece of software up and working out in California. Then over the weekend M$ updated Windows 10 and rebooted which turned the box into a brick.

The client was torqued and wants the Win 10 machine retroed to Win XP. In order to do that you have to update the BIOS to a version that permits you to disable secure booting so you can boot off of a CD/DVD or flash drive. I noticed that the newest BIOS version came with installers for DOS, Windows, and Linux. This computer shipped with Windows 10.

My own Win 10 box is even flakier after the weekend. I have my original Win 7 Pro CD and will be using it if something ‘magical’ doesn’t happen soon.