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Unintended Consequences

Budweiser Super Bowl ads almost always include Clydesdales, and lately have included puppies, but this year’s version is going to raise some eyebrows.

First off you need to understand that because of the expense, the ads for the Super Bowl are usually started in the Spring of the preceding year, May of 2016 in this case, so it shouldn’t be viewed as having any relationship to the Presidential campaign. The company decided to tell the ‘all American story” of the two immigrants, Eberhard Anheuser & Adolphus Busch, who came to the United States and founded a brewery in St. Louis, Missouri in 1852.

The Drumpfkins will probably call for a boycott…


1 Badtux { 02.01.17 at 10:59 pm }

I’ve started calling them the MAGAts. Since they’re always going “MAGA! MAGA! MAGA!”, the initials on their red caps.

And in today’s news, His Flatulency Donald the Trump manages to both threaten to invade Mexico, and yells at the PM of Australia and hangs up on him. Just hangs up on him. Way to make friends in the world, Deadbeat Donnie!

2 Kryten42 { 02.02.17 at 7:57 am }

There is a movement here that’s gaining traction quite fast to close US bases here, such as: Pine Gap, Nurrungar (NORAD/SAC), Omega Station Dariman, NW Cape (Sub. VLF that can be reactivated by USA any time), kick the US troops out of Darwin and RAAF Tindall and several others the US needs in this region (including the not-very secret bases in NT & N. QLD). As I pointed out, one of the most persuasive reasons for closing them is that several are on the Russian & Chinese first strike lists (And NK for the Northern bases). No longer an unrealistic scenario. I also pointed out that USA has refused to provide ABM protection (unless we foot the huge bill to protect *their* bases).

3 Badtux { 02.02.17 at 11:10 am }

I don’t know about the Australian bases, Kryten, but I know that U.S. use of many bases in other countries of the former British Empire were tied to receiving weapons bill-free during WW2. That is, for example, why the U.S. is using Diego Garcia to bomb Iraq and Afghanistan. I don’t know if anybody’s going to go digging down into the archives at the Pentagon and present a bill for those weapons over 70 years later though.

4 Bryan { 02.02.17 at 7:00 pm }

Diego Gracia is almost under water now, so those missions are going to have to fine a new home, but I don’t see anyone wanting to deal with his Fraudulence on a long term lease. The UK keeps getting sued by the original inhabitants and their descendants over being removed from their homes.

Trump is pissing off countries all over the world because he doesn’t have any idea how their governments work, or how the US government works. Insulting leaders of other countries is going to reduce markets for US companies. Pretty soon Corporation are going to leave the US for their own survival.

Turnbull may have to ask for the US to leave to stay in power. No country is thrilled with a wuss for a leader, and Trump thinks he can bulldoze other countries.