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Flynn Flees

The Russian Embassy in Washington rivals the US Embassy in Moscow as the most bugged location in the world. As a former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn had to know it – it was one of his targets. If he and the Russian ambassador used burner phones, it just means that their conversations would have been initially intercepted by the DEA before being highlighted for the FBI. The man is an incompetent if he can’t deal with the most basic level of spycraft.

At this point, it is time to look a bit closer at Rex Tillerson, another
Cabinet-level ‘fan’ of Russia. How many Cabinet picks did Putin get?

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HeartWhy are you being hustled by street vendors to buy sad and drooping former roses, vegetative matter that missed the cut for bouquets, or were too late to the hospital?

Blame Esther A. Howland (1828 – 1904) of Worcester, Massachusetts. Her guilt is writ large by the Greeting Card Association’s Esther Howland Award for a Greeting Card Visionary. She imported the concept to the US from Britain to bolster her father’s stationery store in 1847.

Of course, it wasn’t long before the stationers had infiltrated school boards and imposed the now mandatory exchange in the classroom to push the low end product of Asian children and prisoners.
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Yukon Quest 2017 – Day 11

Yukon Quest map odd years

Sled DogMatt left Two Rivers at 3:30AM CST and barring anything unforeseen, his team will win this year’s Quest.

Matt Hall crossed the finish at 3:04PM CST (12:04PM AKST).

The Current Standings at 10:00PM CST ( 7:00PM AKST):

Fairbanks Finish
1 Matt Hall (20)
2 Hugh Neff (9)
Beyond Two Rivers
3 Allen Moore (8)
4 Paige Drobny (7)
5 Ed Hopkins (18)
At Two Rivers
6 Torsten Kohnert (21)
7 Katherine Keith (19)R
Beyond Mile 101
8 Jessie Royer (1)R
At Mile 101
9 Ryne Olson (15)
At Central
10 Dave Dalton (13)
11 Rob Cooke (4)
12 Brian Wilmshurst (16)
Beyond Circle
13 Ben Good (3)R
14 Gaetan Pierrard (10)
15 Sébastien Dos Santos Borges (5)R
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