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Vive La Resistance


Trump Whine is the only ‘product’ that should thrive during the current aberration in American life.

When is the SCROTUS [So-Called Ruler of the US] going to do something about toddlers with guns who killed more Americans than terrorists in 2015? While he’s mucking about with Muslim bans and annoying travelers at airports, women and children are dying at the tiny grubby hands of three-year-olds with Glocks.

The US Treasury sanctions against Syria caused PayPal to suspend the account of a Canadian newspaper that was trying to enter a story about Syrian refugees in a press competition.

As someone who lives in an area dependent on tourists, this kind of screwing around really damages our economy. Between the changes that the Shrubbery imposed after 9/11 and the effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf, we really don’t need any more security theater to make people decide that Mexico offers similar beaches and views without all of the aggravation.