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Yukon Quest 2017 est fini

Yukon Quest map odd years

Sled DogSébastien brought in La Lanterne Rouge (Φ) at 4:29AM CST (1:29AM AKST) after losing the trail between Two Rivers and Fairbanks. Ben Good pushed and took advantage of Sébastien’s wrong turn to hand off the Red Lantern.

Hugh picked up the Dawson money because Brent didn’t finish, and Katherine took Rookie honors.

Fairbanks Finish
1 Matt Hall (20)
2 Hugh Neff (9)
3 Allen Moore (8)
4 Paige Drobny (7)
5 Ed Hopkins (18)
6 Torsten Kohnert (21)
7 Katherine Keith (19)R
8 Jessie Royer (1)R
9 Ryne Olson (15)
10 Dave Dalton (13)
11 Rob Cooke (4)
12 Brian Wilmshurst (16)
13 Ben Good (3)R
14 Sébastien Dos Santos Borges (5)RΦ

These are the official standings. That means they are official, not that they are correct. Things jump around a lot as people decide to update the standings. This problem is especially bad in the back of the pack, as no one bothers to update those standings when the lead is changing.

The Mushers in bold are former winners of the Yukon Quest, the numbers in parentheses are their Bib numbers, and the small “R” indicates a rookie.

Note: This post will be updated during the day, and the map changed on all posts to reflect the current situation.

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1 JuanitaM { 02.18.17 at 11:10 am }

What a strange turn of events on the Red Lantern. Sebastien has really drawn ahead a couple days ago. You just never know. Good land, it just seems like things kept popping up on this trail. Well, it IS a 1,000 miles, and a lot can happen.

2 Bryan { 02.18.17 at 3:55 pm }

Towards the end of the race people begin to hallucinate from sleep deprivation and strange things happen. Throw in the presence of people which can freak out puppies and not ignoring a moose or three wandering across and along the trail. As Yogi Berra noted: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over… “

3 JuanitaM { 02.18.17 at 5:32 pm }

Yeah, no kidding.

Every race has a few eyebrow raising surprises. My part Siberian husky just bumped her black nose on my elbow which is “dog speak” for you’ve been on the computer long enough. Use those hands for something useful…like scratching my ears or somesuch.

Actually she had me when she rolled those blue eyes up at me.

4 Bryan { 02.18.17 at 7:26 pm }

The stare gets humans every time 🙂