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New Word

Yesterday I encountered a new word, adumbrate, while reading this article about the Yukon Quest. When you have been reading for almost seven decades, new words that aren’t neologisms or field specific jargon are a rare thing. This is a useful word right at this moment in this space-time continuum.

The Cambridge Dictionary provides both British and US pronunciations and defines the transitive verb as:

to give only the main facts and not the details about something, especially something that will happen in the future:
The project’s objectives were adumbrated in the report.

This what Trump does: he adumbrates his announcements and never adds any details. He uses stream of consciousness rambling to provide the capitalized Roman numerals of an outline, but never bothers to add any specificity.

Look at his Muslim Ban 1.0 – utter chaos because there were no specifics about people with visas or green cards, or any other guidance.

Look at his speeches – there is no logic. If he has anything on the Teleprompter it certainly isn’t obvious.

Schoolhouse Rock and Ryan should send an aide with a copy of the course work for new Congresscritters over to the White House. He needs a refresher course on the American government, the course he got in New York during high school.