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Semaphore WTF

Did you know that the official Twitter account of Sweden is curated by a different Swedish citizen every week? The curators are nominated and then contacted to see if they want to do it. This is the last night for a school librarian named Emma who has been dealing with a flood of tweets due to SCROTUS repeating fake news from Faux News at his campaign rally/one-man show staged at taxpayer expense in Florida.

Sweden to Trump: What happened last night?

The hashtag #lastnightinSweden was soon trending on Twitter, and the Swedish embassy in Washington has asked the State Department for clarification.
Some people suggest Donald Trump might have been referring to a clip aired on Fox News on Friday night of a documentary about alleged violence committed by refugees in Sweden.

@sweden/Emma: No. Nothing has happened here in Sweden. There has not been any terrorist attacks here. At all. The main news right now is about Melfest.

Because she is a librarian, she was provoked into sending @realDonaldTrump a ‘shhhhhh’ tweet. Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt wondered “what has he been smoking?”

Melfest, a shortened version of Melody Festival, is the system used by Sweden to select their candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest, which they take seriously.

You should scan the stream as Emma becomes a media celebrity with radio and TV interviews all day along with keeping up with Twitter and a small child.

You can hear Emma Johansson’s interview on the BBC Newshour.

Update via Kryten in comments, The Brisbane Times: The Swedish terror that only Donald Trump was brave enough to call out. This includes the important “humiliating tragedy for the proud bull moose of Skellefteå” that I was unable to verify in my post…

February 19, 2017   11 Comments