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Flag On The Play


That’s the flag of Russia. According to Rawstory there were a lot of them at CPAC when SCROTUS poured out his usual collection of disconnected thoughts.

Ali Rogin of ABC News has a picture of a larger version with Trump stamped on it in gold letters.

I don’t think ‘conservatives’ [or whatever the people who attend CPAC call themselves] approve of being buddies with Vlad.

For your store of Trivia: The flag of Russia is the flag of the Netherlands with the red stripe moved to the bottom:


When Peter the Great had his first group of ships built in the Netherlands in the late 1600s he was told he needed a flag, so he used existing flags of the Netherlands and had them modified. The naval ensign is white with a blue saltire cross [X-shaped] [Cross of St Andrew], so the tricolor flags were initially for merchant ships.

February 24, 2017   3 Comments