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In Other News

It’s the International Day of the Woman and after SCROTUS tweeted about it Twitterville came alive with people who feel his ‘kind words’ are less than honest. Being the Internet, cats become involved in the discussion. 😈

It’s amazing how SCROTUS has increased participation in the political process. Mennonites normally avoid all things political as they are firm believers in a separation between church and state. Now they are protesting Trump for his Muslim ban among other things. Groups that came to the US to escape religious persecution tend not to be happy when US politicians begin to head down that road.

People who have studied Muslim Ban 2.o generally look at the changes as cosmetic [different fonts, spacing, that sort of thing] because the intent of the Executive Order remains the same – to keep Muslims out of the US. The state of Hawaii, a major tourist destination, has already headed to court.

March 8, 2017   30 Comments

Iditarod 2017 – Day 3

Iditarod 2017 MapSled DogThey are on The Yukon River this morning. At 119 miles the Tanana to Ruby segment is the longest on this trail. The temperature is holding below zero, so there shouldn’t be too much open water. Getting wet at these temperatures requires immediate action.

More than a dozen teams have already taken their mandatory 8-hour stop on the Yukon River at Tanana which at the junction of the Yukon & Tanana rivers.

Standings at 8:30PM CST:

Beyond Tanana
1 Wade Marrs (29)
2 Dallas Seavey (18)
3 Peter Kaiser (25)
4 Mitch Seavey (16)
5 Nicolas Petit (24)
6 Joar Leifseth Ulsom (38)
7 Michelle Phillips (9)
8 Aliy Zirkle (41)
9 John Baker (65)
10 Noah Burmeister (63)
11 Jessie Royer (37)
12 Martin Buser (15)
13 Richie Diehl (21)
14 Jason Mackey (64)
15 Sebastien Vergnaud (13)R
16 Katherine Keith (52)
17 Ray Redington Jr (14)
18 Lars Monsen (45)
19 Jeff King (34)
20 Ryan Redington (2)
21 Mats Pettersson (33)
22 Hugh Neff (50)
23 Cody Strathe (5)
24 Scott Smith (69)
25 Ken Anderson (59)
26 Ralph Johannessen (39)
27 Robert Redington (70)R
28 Ketil Reitan (11)
29 Hans Gatt (32)
30 Paul Gebhardt (57)
[

March 8, 2017   1 Comment