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Way To Go … Not!

In the CBC: Hamilton church volunteers denied entry to U.S. so they wouldn’t ‘steal American jobs’. That’s right, officers of the US Custom & Border Patrol turned back a group of volunteers from Hamilton, Ontario because their volunteer labor might be used instead of hiring US workers. The church group was heading to New Jersey to help a local church clean up the mess left by Hurricane Sandy. The CBP felt that after 5 years there would be no mess to clean up and the letter from the US church didn’t meet the required criteria.

Then you have this: Girl Guides of Canada cancelling trips to the U.S., citing travel concerns. Thats right, the Canadian version of the Girl Scouts won’t attend events or go to camps in the US, because they can’t be sure that all of the people in the group will be allowed in.

When shoppers, church groups and the Girl Guides don’t have any confidence as to what will happen if they attempt to visit the US, they won’t come. When international groups can’t be sure of who will be allowed in, they won’t hold meetings or conferences in the US. The Trump Slump in tourism is only going to grow when even Canadians stop coming.