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The White House

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The Theme Song for the next four years.

Some have complained about the reticence of the media to call lies what they are. That reluctance is breaking down – Fareed Zakaria: Trump Is A Bullshitter. [In almost every marketing and/or sales office I have ever seen, at least one guy had a coffee mug inscribed with: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”.]

Juan Cole notes that Trump picks fights with US Allies: Germany, NATO, EU, Britain etc. The guy keeps talking about what a great ‘deal-maker’ he is, so when does it start? So far he seems hellbent on destroying most of our existing ‘deals’ without any replacements in sight.

Germany rejects Donald Trump’s claims it owes NATO and US ‘vast sums’ for defence. Trump knows nothing about NATO or defense. These alliances are based on treaties, and Trump might want to have someone read them to him or get an account at Audible, because there is little evidence of his reading ability. It is past time for Schoolhouse Rock in the ‘Main Tent’…

March 19, 2017   15 Comments