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Another Day In Trumpville

Like Father Like Son: Donald Trump Jr. called a ‘disgrace’ for slamming London Mayor Sadiq Khan after attack, Of course he did it on Twitter and he used a partial quote without any context. Anything, no matter how base, to attack a Muslim…

Canada’s largest school board is cancelling new school trips to the United States until further notice.

In a statement released on Thursday, Director of Education John Malloy said that the district school board was faced with “a difficult choice”, with the President Trump’s latest travel restrictions facing an uncertain future pending a number of court challenges.

“We strongly believe that our students should not be placed into these situations of potentially being turned away at the border,” said Mr Malloy.

“For the trips that will be continuing, should students with the appropriate documentation be denied entry to the US for no legitimate reason, the entire trip will return to Toronto and will not proceed.”

When you live in a a area dependent on tourism you don’t want to hear this kind of news…

‘The damage is done’: Devin Nunes’s Trump briefing prompts ‘grave’ concerns about credibility. Even John McCain thinks the Congressional inquiry is toast as it stands.

Actually, all that needs to happen is for Congresscritter Nunes to resign from Congress and plead guilty to Obstruction of Justice [talking to Trump] and Espionage [passing classified information to the press]. He really needs to lawyer up.

March 23, 2017   Comments Off on Another Day In Trumpville