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Your Alibi Roundup

The first excuse that SCROTUS offered for the miserable legislative failure that was Trumpcare – the lack of Democratic support. This resulted in a stunned ‘WTF?’ pause, and then that “Nasty Woman”, Nancy Pelosi, took a victory lap.

Since that was not the desired reaction, he attacked the House Freedom Caucus and its supporters on Twitter. Surrogates followed up by attacking Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus.

Despite what his voters were led to believe about his negotiating skills, Drumpf is the C.M.O.T. Dibbler of real estate. He didn’t take the time to look at the bill he wanted passed, and wasn’t able to come up a cogent reason to vote for it. His concept of negotiating was a rather arrogant threat to go after people who didn’t do what he wanted.

I realized that this guy only plays the President in movies but he knows how to accept responsibility.

I just found this bit of word fun and liked it enough to buy it. It is descriptive and concise. 😈

March 27, 2017   10 Comments

Debbie Coming Ashore

The coast is already feeling near hurricane strength winds as Debbie approaches. The storm stalled earlier which will reduce the storm surge somewhat by missing the high tide, but it is still a Category 4 and may strengthen before landfall. In addition to the wind and storm surge rainfall totals of up to two feet are forecast, which will trigger inland flooding. The ABC has a continuously updated live blog of the situation.

Meanwhile the Australian Navy’s largest ships are unable to join Cyclone Debbie emergency response amid engine troubles. They are Helicopter carriers, similar to US amphibious assault vessels. Both have power problems, so an older, smaller vessel is on its way to the area.

March 27, 2017   4 Comments