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Debbie Coming Ashore

The coast is already feeling near hurricane strength winds as Debbie approaches. The storm stalled earlier which will reduce the storm surge somewhat by missing the high tide, but it is still a Category 4 and may strengthen before landfall. In addition to the wind and storm surge rainfall totals of up to two feet are forecast, which will trigger inland flooding. The ABC has a continuously updated live blog of the situation.

Meanwhile the Australian Navy’s largest ships are unable to join Cyclone Debbie emergency response amid engine troubles. They are Helicopter carriers, similar to US amphibious assault vessels. Both have power problems, so an older, smaller vessel is on its way to the area.


1 Kryten42 { 03.27.17 at 6:28 pm }

Yeah. Funny about our new LHD’s. Another expensive lemon. But maybe can be fixed at least. Abbott wanted to turn them into Carriers with a compliment of crappy F-35B’s. But the moron of course has no idea that you can’t just have a couple carriers! You need a full combat support fleet to protect the insane investment. But even without that, the idea is stupidly impractical for several reasons.

There is also the insane cost! Gicen the LNP are bankrupting Aus at a rapid rate, & Turdbull has screwed as much $ out of the poor as he can, whilst still trying to get tax cuts to the wealthy, most of whom hardly pay any anyway, there’s no way they can budget for it.

There’s an article here:

Australian Strategic Policy Institute raises doubts over Abbott Government plan to rebuild newest warships

2 Bryan { 03.27.17 at 9:47 pm }

The America class LHAs cost about U$3.4 billion and are capable of carrying 20 F-35Bs [another U$2 billion] plus some SAR helicopters to pick up the pilots who ditch. They normally carry a different aircraft mix to land Marines.

Your LHDs are much closer in design and purpose to the Tarawa class which had well decks for launching amphibious landing craft.

Let the US cover the cost of that foolishness and stick with getting tanks ashore because the America can’t do that.

3 Chris Grealy { 03.28.17 at 1:24 am }

The Navy has ships which are unsafe at sea. The AirForce has aircraft which can’t fly near thunderstorms, unless maybe the next software update works. Not sure what fails ail the Army right now; but Defence seems to be working swimmingly.

4 Bryan { 03.28.17 at 2:43 pm }

Keep in mind that Australians don’t waste as much on defense as the US does. In some ways that makes it worse because you know that it could be better, whereas Americans hope it doesn’t get much worse.