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Today’s Bad News

Queensland got mauled by Cyclone Debbie. There are reports of winds in excess of 160mph, structures blown apart, large boats ending up inland, trees toppled, roads blocked, power lines down, – a major mess and no hard numbers on casualties because of a lack of communications in the hardest hit areas.

It is a slow moving storm with lots of rain, so the river flooding is to come.

Meanwhile in Britain Article 50: PM Theresa May signs the letter that will trigger Brexit. The clock has started on the two-year process that will separate the United Kingdom from the European Union.

In reaction to the Brexit process the Scottish Parliament voted to hold a second independence referendum by 69 to 59. The Scots are not going to back off as the SNP [Scottish National Party] believes it will pass this time because of Brexit.

All bad news in the US leads back to the SCROTUS: Trump dramatically changes US approach to climate change. Yes, I would say that denying it exists is a pretty dramatic change, as was putting a pawn of fossil fuel companies in as the head of the EPA.

Meanwhile the House just voted to allow ISPs to sell data on their customers. They joined the Senate and the White House will certainly sign it.

March 28, 2017   8 Comments