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He Hasn’t Seen Anything Yet

From CNN International: Trump’s outlook going from bad to worse

As the White House scans Washington for a bounce-back win after the Obamacare imbroglio, the political forecast is promising only heavy weather.

An unappetizing list of looming congressional showdowns, complex, months-long legislative challenges and intractable threats to President Donald Trump’s standing threaten to make the failed health care push look like a small setback.

Charlie Sykes, an MSNBC commentator, scored major points when he said: ‘The only President who has a worse first 100 days was William Henry Harrison.” Harrison died from pneumonia 31 days after he was inaugurated. 😈

Charlie Pierce has even more bad news for Trump and Nunes: The Russian Answers Are Coming.

Michael Flynn has a lawyer and is asking for immunity. Nunes might take that path under advisement, because his current plan is not working.

March 30, 2017   Comments Off on He Hasn’t Seen Anything Yet

Trump’s Fondest Wish

How Henry VIII will help Theresa May navigate EU divorce

(CNN) Theresa May is taking a lead from a frequently divorced former monarch in preparing the way for life after the Brexit break-up.

In order to deal with tens of thousands of EU laws, regulations, treaties and directives that must be incorporated into UK law on Brexit Day, the British government wants to invoke controversial powers that date back 500 years to the time of King Henry VIII.

The so-called “Henry VIII clauses” in the Great Repeal Bill, plans for which were published on Thursday, will give ministers and civil servants sweeping authority to comb through the vast EU legislative soup and decide which bits to keep, which to amend, and which to repeal in their entirety. Crucially, ministers can wave the decisions through without recourse to the House of Commons.

Rule by decree is the goal of all autocrats, and SCROTUS would certainly love to work this way, the way he ran his businesses into bankruptcies. Alas, a version was tried, the line item veto, and it was ruled an unConstitutional transfer of power.

[The International version of CNN is much better than the US version.]

March 30, 2017   Comments Off on Trump’s Fondest Wish