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Just Pathetic…


The Register notes: Head of US military kit-testing slams F-35, says it’s scarcely fit to fly – “Gun: fail. Flight: fail. Software: fail. Schedule: fail. Budget: fail. Plus 270 more fails.”

Read the whole thing and download the PDF of the critique. For about $100 million a copy you could own a totally worthless ground vehicle, because it would be really suicidal to take it into combat. [Less suicidal than before because the ejection seat no longer breaks the pilot’s neck when used … they claim.]

April 3, 2017   6 Comments

First Monday

Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Watch, Flash Flood Watch, Flood Advisory, High Surf Advisory, Wind Advisory, Coastal Flooding Advisory, Rip Current Statement, and 3.27 inches of rain.

Now we have the rest of the month to double the average monthly rainfall which is rising because we have been doubling or tripling it for the last 3+ years in our new climate.

April 3, 2017   6 Comments