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Some People …

Some believe that just because they have paid full price for an airline ticket, they are entitled to a seat on the aircraft.

‘I expect a seat’: Yukon woman buys Air Canada ticket, gets put on standby:

Air Canada spokesperson Angela Mah said in an email to CBC that standby tickets are generally not issued to customers. But she said if the airline substitutes a smaller aircraft because of mechanical problems or other operational reasons, passengers will be put on standby.

In a second email, Mah said Washburn-Hayden’s flight was “extremely full,” but did not say if that meant it was overbooked.

After her flight, Washburn-Hayden had a messaging exchange with Air Canada Social Media, and was told that because she didn’t pay extra for a guaranteed seat, her getting one was dependent on availability. She was also advised that she should have taken advantage of the online booking available 24 hours before the flight.

See, it’s just like baggage, there a fee for it … 😈

So, when do these Air Canada people start work in the White House?


1 Kryten42 { 04.06.17 at 4:19 am }

Not just Air Canada. Many airlines are the same. One domestic airline here was heavily fined for over booking, over charging (to get priority) etc.

OT: I told you LNP were as corrupt as GOP (and it seems, trumper especially!)

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2 Bryan { 04.06.17 at 1:11 pm }

The LNP scam shows more thought and class than what the GOP gets up to. You have a better school system – you probably pay your teachers a living wage and provide benefits.

I used to be able to buy stand-by tickets when I was in uniform. They were half off and you had to wear your uniform. If a flight is over booked the airline has to come up with some bribes to get people to go to stand-by.

What got me about the article was the attitude of the Air Canada spokesperson, i,e, the customer should have known about the extra fee or on-line sign in. Not everyone flies on a regular basis so they don’t know all of the minutia of Air Canada’s practices.