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The Odyssey – 2017 CE

There was nothing critical in the package and the total value of the merchandise was under $10, but the shipping doubled the cost, so I was annoyed. I took the cheapest option so didn’t expect it to show up for at least a week.

A week passed and I had the tracking number so I checked to see where it was. It was shipped from New York City so I assumed it would be thrown in a truck using I-95. I was right, but the truck it was put in was on I-95 North and it went to a suburb of Boston. There they discovered the problem and put it on a truck going South.

I wasn’t upset – stuff happens, anyone could mistake Watertown, Massachusetts for Fort Walton Beach, Florida. 😈 Things were back on track. I-95 down to Jacksonville, then I-10 to Tallahassee. Things were moving right along and the package was scanned into Fort Walton Beach very early last Thursday.

It didn’t show up on Thursday, so I checked and they said Friday … then it was Monday, then on Tuesday they stopped posting a delivery date. I e-mailed the merchant and told them that it appeared the shipper had lost the package.

The merchant put out a trace, and the shipper started looking around. Last night they found the package in Montgomery, Alabama, and shipped it back to Fort Walton.

It finally showed up during a thunderstorm early this afternoon [another inch of rain]. The package had not 1, not 2, but 4 different labels on it with the correct address. WTF?!

April 5, 2017   10 Comments