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Unintended Humor

From the CBC: WestJet to launch ‘ultra low-cost’ no-frills carrier. So they talk about a relatively low ticket price that keeps getting higher if you want “frills”. Given that almost every airline charges for luggage, and a guaranteed seat, and food and drinks, what exactly makes the new airline “no frills”? Are they going to have military sling seats along the side and cargo on pallets in the center of the aircraft? Will you have to wear a harness that will allow them to suspend you from rails in the cabin until it is crammed full or maximum weight has been reached?

What new indignity can they impose on the traveling public that will result in people willing to pay to avoid it? Come on, all airlines have become ‘no frill’. The only difference is how much they charge you for the abuse you receive when going from point A to point B.

April 20, 2017   9 Comments