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Excuse Me?!؟

Semaphore WTF

You can always explain things with cats, but I wasn’t prepared for this unbelievably stupid move by Drumpf. What he did was obstruction and none of the lawyers he has surrounded himself with has the courage to tell him.

The law firm that is trying to tell people that Drumpf has no ties to Russia, with exceptions, failed to note that it was “Law Firm of the Year” in Russia in 2016. The credibility gap at the White House is measured in light years.

This is not amusing. I watched the Watergate hearings in a motel room in Dallas waiting to get a new head put on a Datsun 2000 to finish my transfer to the Presidio of Monterey. This time the magnificent voice of Barbara Jordan is missing and Harvard Law graduate Sam Ervin isn’t available to skewer witnesses with his Carolina drawl and ‘just an old country lawyer’ line. Drumpf has hinted at a ‘secret taping system’ in a not so veiled threat to James Comey, which is odd considering that the a recording would probably show that Comey has been truthful while “Drumpf is Trumpful.

May 12, 2017   6 Comments