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Trump Is Irrelevant

US can fulfill pledges, says Michael Bloomberg:

The US can still meet its commitments to fight climate change, despite President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris accord, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said.

He argued this could be done “through partnerships among cities, states and businesses”, saying Americans would not let Washington stand in their way.

Mr Bloomberg is the UN special envoy for cities and climate change.

Bloomberg’s foundation is going to cover the $15 million US commitment to funding the UN program created by the Paris agreement and he is already building a coalition of cities, states and businesses to honor the reduction pledges that the US made.

Digby noted The Weather Channel’s frontpage when they reported Trump’s withdrawal. They didn’t hold back any of the facts that support global climate change and buried him under a landslide of facts and charts. It does no good because he doesn’t read and only watches Fox News.

June 3, 2017   6 Comments

Apparent Terrorist Attack in London

The BBC reporting live:Police confirm more than one fatality after a terror attack on London Bridge and Borough Market.

There were two seemingly coordinated incidents. In the first on London Bridge, a van left the roadway to attempt to run down pedestrians, and then people exited the vehicle and began slashing bystanders.

In the Borough Market attack people report hearing 3 explosions in about 5 minutes and multiple shoot outs between police and the perpetrators.

The reports are not verified at this time, and it will be tomorrow at the earliest before what happened will really be understood.

June 3, 2017   Comments Off on Apparent Terrorist Attack in London