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Embarrassing The US Since 1/20/2017

From the BBC: Trump renews feud with London mayor over terror attack

US President Donald Trump has again lashed out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan over his assurances to Londoners following a terror attack.

Mr Khan had said people should not be alarmed by an increased police presence on the streets.

But Mr Trump on Sunday accused him of playing down the threat and on Monday said the mayor’s clarification of his statement was a “pathetic excuse”.

Trump is angry apparently because the Londoners aren’t hiding in their cellars, like he would. He can’t understand how they will continue about their business, just like they did during the Blitz and when the IRA was blowing things up.

The mayor of London is a Muslim and has spoken out against Trump’s attempts at imposing a Muslim travel ban. He has enough problems without wasting time responding to tweets from twits.

Instead of bothering other governments Trump needs to start filling jobs in the US emergency response agencies.

June 5, 2017   2 Comments