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Everyone in the White House needs their own lawyer who is trained in Federal criminal law. The advice of someone else’s lawyer will always be suspect because that attorney is looking out for his client, not you.

Via Digby, a New York Times piece:

Marc E. Kasowitz, a New York civil litigator who represented President Trump for 15 years in business and boasts of being called the toughest lawyer on Wall Street, has suddenly become the field marshal for a White House under siege. He is a personal lawyer for the president, not a government employee, but he has been talking about establishing an office in the White House complex where he can run his legal defense.

This guy is Trump’s lawyer and will do what is good for Trump. He is a civil, not a criminal lawyer. Robert Mueller is not going to sue people. If he finds that laws were broken, people are going to be indicted.

Senior US prosecutor Bharara fired ‘after refusing Trump call’

A former leading federal prosecutor in New York has revealed he was sacked by Donald Trump after receiving several unusual phone calls from him.

Preet Bharara told ABC News’ This Week he felt the calls from Mr Trump had crossed the usual boundary separating the executive branch and independent criminal investigators.

Mr Bharara said he had been fired after refusing to take a third call.

Mr. Bharara was the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, putting him in charge of the US Attorney’s office covering New York City. The President talks to the Attorney General, not US Attorneys. There is a chain of command to avoid conflicts of interest.

More and more, it looks like Trump suspects that he or his businesses are under Federal investigation.

June 11, 2017   3 Comments